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Saturday, June 17, 2017

What Are Your Plans for Father's Day?

My DH doesn't talk much about our childfree situation. He came home from work yesterday and said, "You should have seen Greg's face when I dropped the Father's Day bomb on him." I asked what he meant.

He said that he and his co-worker Greg, whom he doesn't know well, were talking and Greg asked DH what he was doing this weekend. DH responded that he had nothing out of the usual planned. Greg then said, "Don't you have plans for Father's Day?" DH answered, "My dad died in 2005, my grandfathers are both dead, my wife doesn't have a dad, and I don't have any kids. We have no plans."

DH said there was a look of shock on Greg's face, then Greg walked away without saying anything. I'm proud of DH for saying something, but it just goes to show that most people don't know how to respond when faced with information that is unexpected or out of the "norm." 

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