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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Life Update

I saw an article on FB, which I now cannot find, about being infertile in the LDS Church culture.  It was excellent!  I decided to revisit my blog.  I haven't written for a long time.

I was challenged by the school I transferred to.  It took a couple of weeks to establish relationships with the students to the point that they would respond to my classroom management.  It was high-transient (6 move out and 8 move in from September to December).  I also had to fight to have an acceptable classroom.  I was put in a portable (relocatable) that was old, dirty, stinky, dark, musty, and spider infested.  Because I know people in the district, I was able to get moved up on the remodel list.  I enjoyed my teaching and being able to reach a very diverse group of students. 

When I finished my term as the local education association president, I knew one of the directors was looking to retire in a year.  I had been approached about this job before, so when she announced her retirement in October for the end of January, several people encouraged me to apply.  I did apply, went through a grueling 90 minute interview, and was hired.  I resigned my teaching position after 24 years, which was an incredibly difficult thing to do, and my last day of teaching was December 21.

I have had the month of January as overlap with the director who is retiring.  I also spent the last 9 days at training.  These trainings are great, because you learn a lot and get to know people who are not like you.  The question of children came up, but no one else there was LDS, so it was always asked as a "Do you have children?" instead of the assumption that you do.  I opened up to one person at dinner one night, because she said in her introduction that she has fraternal triplets.  I figured she had experienced infertility, and we did have that in common.

Another funny experience happened one night when we went to a social at a club that had been rented out.  We were in VA, so being white put me in the minority.  I was eating snacks and talking to the two people I had been with at a school earlier in the day, when some of the teachers started line dancing.  I was drawn to it.  I danced as a child and would go line dancing with my friend when we were single.  I taught line dances to my students, but I don't go out dancing, because DH doesn't like to dance.  I started dancing with about a dozen black ladies.  I didn't know these exact dances, but it was easy to pick up on.  It was a lot of fun!  Later, one of the guys from OH said, "If I had to pick someone in this group who would dance, I wouldn't have picked you.  Who knew the white, Mormon girl from Utah had more moves than the black ladies!"  The next day, several people in the training asked how I know how to dance and how often I go dancing.  I couldn't believe how many people were fascinated that I could dance!

Anyway, my new job as a director in the local education association gives me the opportunity to advocate for students and teachers along with developing laws, policies, and procedures.  I am closer to finding my purpose after deciding to live CF.  I'm enjoying the work!


  1. Good to hear from you, Jen! :) Leaving teaching after 24 years (!) must have been hard, but I am glad to hear you found a new job that you are enjoying. As for the dancing, too funny! :) I'm reminded of when I first met dh's (Italian) family... all his aunts were staring at me & talking to each other in Italian... I asked dh later what they had said & he told me, "They said, 'Look! She has pierced ears just like an Italian girl!!' " lol You never know what people are going to find interesting about you!

  2. I'm really late to this and I'm sorry. So glad to read such a happy oust, and wish you all the best in the new job. It sounds exciting!