An LDS perspective on moving from childless to childfree living.

Monday, January 19, 2015

2014 Travel

I realized after reading Klara's post on her travels to the U.S. (we were in Monterey at the same time and didn't know it until after the fact) that travel is one of the benefits of living childfree.  We traveled more in 2014 than any other year in our 18 years of marriage.  We have not been out of the U.S., but we enjoy our travels within the country.

We visited Monterey, CA twice, in April for our anniversary and in October for DH's birthday.  We went to Denver, CO and I went to Nashville, TN for work.  We have found that Monterey is our new favorite getaway spot!  I had to go to Denver for work, but DH came and we brought our nephew.  They went fishing while I was in meetings.  I was able to do a bit of sight seeing in Nashville.

I am trying to enjoy our childfree life, and travel is part of that!

Purple carpet of Ice Plants in Pacific Grove


Asliomar sunset

Baby harbor seal
The Hermitage, home of President Andrew Jackson

Elvis' gold-plated piano at the County Music Hall of Fame