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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Neighborhood Party

I haven't posted in a long time! I spent a week in Denver at a national conference. DH and his nephew came with me to go fishing while I was in meetings. It was nice to have them there in the evenings.

I came home to a city in our large suburban school district wanting to split from the current school district. We went through a school district split 5 years ago, and I spent the month of July attending meetings to speak for teachers against another split.

The school where I teach was moved from a traditional school calendar to a year round calendar, so my new school year started July 28 with 33 sixth graders!  I'm already looking forward to my first break in October.

To the neighborhood barbecue. We are in a new and growing area where there have been several families move in over the past few months, so it was good to go meet all the new neighbors. Everyone had kids, except DH and me and our next door neighbors who got married in May. Two were pregnant. I found it interesting that of the 17 kids there, 13 are boys.  The thing that was great about the get together was that no one asked us about kids. This has been true of our ward as well. I was so grateful for this! It made me feel valued as an individual and a couple. I also enjoyed communicating with one 18 month old as she shared her blueberries with me.

I feel like things are improving in how we face our childfree life.

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