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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Family Pictures

Back in 2005, I was working on writing my grandparents' history and organized an extended family picture.  The studio we used was great!  They did all the separate smaller groups:  my grandparents, my cousins with their spouses and kids, my brother with his wife and kids, my mom with her children and grandchildren, DH and me, etc. That was the last time DH and I had a professional picture taken.  We didn't have pictures taken in those 9 years, because I thought we would have them done when we added a baby to our family.

Last year when we closed our adoption file, I wanted to have a picture of us done to signify our moving onto CF living.  DH wasn't interested.  I finally convinced him to have pictures taken, which we did on Tuesday at a different studio.  It was awkward.  The photographer kept posing us like we were having engagement pictures taken.  Some poses were just too cheesy that we told him we didn't want to pose that way.  It is like the photographer didn't know what to do with a middle-aged couple who came for pictures without children. 

We picked out three poses that were nice, two were close ups, to have printed.  We will give them to our moms for Christmas and keep the other for us.  It will be good to have a more current picture on display, but it was not a great photography experience. 

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