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Thursday, December 19, 2013

I'm Glad That's Not Me

This morning was the school Christmas program.  There were tons of parents who came out to listen to their children sing!  Each grade level entered, sang from the stage, and then exited.  We started with Kindergarten and worked our way up to Sixth grade.  My mom came to support me.

I was involved with setting up the stage, lights, curtains, and playing the piano while students were walking on and off the stage.  I also accompanied Fourth grade and led Sixth grade, so I wasn't part of the audience.  My mom was.  When she was driving me home (I still cannot drive since my ACL surgery), she was talking about how rude and entitled the parents are.  How they would leave after their child had sung so there were not many parents left to hear the Sixth graders. 

My mom was annoyed by the parents with their tablets standing to take video and blocking the view of others.  She watched as one lady went to ask another to sit down so she could see.  This happened three times.  Then the lady approached the other after the program to tell her it was difficult to see with her standing in the way.  The first lady returned to near my mom and told her friend she "had the F-bomb" dropped on her.

Now, I understand a parent wanting to take a picture of their child or video of their performance, but being rude to others is completely uncalled for.  I hope I would have been a nice and respectful parent, but I will never know.  I'm just glad that I'm not like the rude woman who wouldn't sit down.

By the way, my Sixth graders were awesome! 

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