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Monday, August 12, 2013

Glacier National Park

 I know it has been a while since I have posted.  We spent a week in Montana visiting Glacier National Park.  It was amazing!  We were able to drive Going-to-the-Sun Road twice, the second time in the evening, which made everything look different due to the light.  We saw a bear and a heard of big horn sheep.  We looked for mountain goats, but never saw one; however, I let my inner child out and purchased a stuffed goat!

We went for a few short hikes from the main locations.  It was just so beautiful and majestic!  If you haven't been to Glacier, I would highly recommend it.

 Wildflowers with Heaven's Peak

As we move to living childfree, I am trying to recognize the benefits of not having children in the things we do.  For this vacation, we did not have to worry about being somewhere to eat at a particular time, nor did have to worry about being to the motel to go to bed.  We were able to just do what we wanted to do and not have to meet the needs of children.  I don't want this to sound selfish, just that we appreciate the benefit of traveling childfree.
Glacier-made Canyon

We were able to switch up our plans a little bit and visit some other towns where there is great fly fishing nearby.  DH is a fly fisherman, and I am the photographer/videographer.  While I don't consider myself great at either, occassionally I will capture a scene just right!

Many Glacier Lodge and Lake

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  1. How beautiful! And thinking about vacations without kids is in no way selfish!