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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Answering THE Question

I spent the last week in Atlanta for work.  There were about 100 people from Utah who attended, most of whom I do not know well.  I usually only see them at monthly meetings.  There were times when we were riding the bus from the hotel to the conference center, eating dinner, or walking from place to place when we had time to talk.  Three times during the week I was asked THE question, "Do you have children?"  I know the people who asked were just making conversation and trying to get to know me better.

In the past, I have felt ashamed of my answer, that we couldn't have children.  This is the first time since we closed our adoption file that I have been asked THE question.  It was easier to answer THE question since we made decision to live childfree.  I was able to answer THE question calmly and without emotion. 

All of the people who asked were kind in their responses.  These experiences gave me the confidence to know I can answer THE question without crying!  This is a huge step for me as we move to childfree living.

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  1. Congratulations for a huge step!

    Yes, the question - "Do you have children" that is so easy for vast majority of the people, is so hard for some of us!

    A hug!