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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Next Steps

Back to my story.

Two months after our second IUI, we met with the same RE whose English was difficult to understand.  We wanted to learn more about IVF.  He did have pictures, charts, and syringes to aid in our understanding his explanation.  

You need to understand that I am a needle-phobe!  When I was a child, I would start crying in the house, because my mom said we were going to the doctor.  At the doctor they poke your finger and that hurt.  In high school health class, we were testing our blood type.  I tried to be strong, so I wouldn’t be embarrassed in front of my friends.  I couldn’t poke myself, so my friend did.  I ran the test and things went okay.  As soon as I stood up to go to my next class, I passed out!  I was so grateful my best friend was in that class with me!  Even as an adult, if I was told the doctor ordered blood tests, I would ask to lie down while it was done.  Helping DH through his TX for leukemia (giving shots, running IV’s, changing dressings), I did become better at handling the needles.  Easy when they are directed at someone else!

Anyway, after the meeting with the RE about IVF, I was pretty much freaked out!  Just the thought of giving myself shots made me sick.  DH was much more concerned about the side effects of all the hormones.  Having battled cancer himself, he did not want me to have to do the same sometime down the road.  We made the decision not to pursue IVF, but to be more closely monitored for IUI.

The doctor wanted me tested to make sure everything was okay.  He also wanted a SA done on DH.  I had a sonohysterography done.  Everything looked great!  DH’s SA proved what we already knew.  The chemo had killed everything, and the only sperm we had to work with were the frozen ones. 

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